Fantasy Football Week 13 Running Back Rankings: Javonte Williams, Jamaal Williams Ready For The Spotlight?

We're starting our draft prep for the 2022 Fantasy season already, and this is the initial reveal of the running back rankings from our staff. A lot will change between now and August when your Fantasy drafts are happening, but it's never too early to start planning ahead.

With that in mind, let's see what the running back rankings could look like in 2022. But first, let's look back at what happened in 2021 with the Average Draft Position compared to the actual finish of the running backs this past season.

CBS Sports Average Draft Position for running backs:

  1. Christian McCaffrey 1.2
  2. Dalvin Cook 2.6
  3. Derrick Henry 3.4
  4. Alvin Kamara 4.5
  5. Ezekiel Elliott 7.9
  6. Aaron Jones 8.7
  7. Nick Chubb 10.3
  8. Austin Ekeler 11.7
  9. Jonathan Taylor 11.8
  10. Najee Harris 14.4
  11. Saquon Barkley 14.6
  12. Joe Mixon 18.9

Final 2021 top 12 running backs based on PPR points per game:

  1. Derrick Henry 24.4
  2. Jonathan Taylor 21.9
  3. Austin Ekeler 21.5
  4. Leonard Fournette 18.3
  5. Christian McCaffrey 18.2
  6. Alvin Kamara 18.1
  7. Joe Mixon 18.0
  8. Najee Harris 17.7
  9. James Conner 17.2
  10. D'Andre Swift 16.1
  11. Dalvin Cook 15.9
  12. Nick Chubb 15.4

Points per game shows you the greatness of guys like Henry and McCaffrey, which is why we hope both are 100 percent healthy for the start of the 2022 season. At least with Henry we'll get a chance to see how he looks in the playoffs after he missed the final nine games of the regular season with a foot injury.

Some of the guys who struggled in 2021 included Elliott, Jones and Barkley. Jones (15.3 PPR points per game) was the No. 13 running back, Elliott (14.8) was No. 17 and Barkley was No. 21 (11.5). It was a tough year for Barkley this past season, as well as Fantasy managers who drafted him.

Fantasy Football running back rankings 2022: Early expert rankings of all RB1s ranked from 1-12

Fantasy Football running back rankings 2022: Early expert rankings of all RB1s ranked from 1-12